Hackers Attack The Cars: Brake Failure Via Bluetooth

08/13/2014 21:25:48
Hackers Attack The Cars: Brake Failure Via Bluetooth
Hackers can easily get cars out of control. Two U.S. experts have now studied the most popular vehicle models on their safety. The result was startling.

Hackers can easily get cars out of control. Two U.S. experts have now studied the most popular vehicle models on their safety. The result was startling.


With the help of increasing the vehicle technology car-hackers obtained easier ways to catch new cars.

The special feature is that hackers could attack via wireless systems such as Bluetooth and tire control the vehicle remotely. Last year had hackers Miller and Valasek gained to take control of the steering wheel and brakes of the Ford Escape and Toyota Prius. Other hackers had success only if they needed to have a laptop that was connected to the vehicle.


Three vehicles—easier to attack

The researchers identified three vehicles easy to be “hacked”: Infiniti Q50, Jeep Cherokee and Cadillac Escalade. Unfortunately, the 2010 and 2014 Toyota Prius also come in this list.


Infiniti Q50


Jeep Cherokee


Cadillac Escalade



Three factors played a role in the evaluation:

  • Attack surface: Possible attack surfaces provide wireless connections such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Network, keyless entry and tire pressure systems. Each of these wireless connections can be used by hackers as a potential vulnerability to gain access to the network of the car.

  • Network architecture: The wireless connections allow hackers to access the car through the back door; there are critical systems such as steering wheel and brakes.

  • Risk of assistance systems: Such assistance as autonomous braking, parking or keeping track can be tricked over fake digital commands and bring the car out of control.



The most vulnerable, according to the researchers, is the luxury Q50 Nissan Infiniti with its radio systems and a special smart-phone Infiniti application that acts as an interface between driver and car. Also Tesla offers an app for drivers which became the target of a hacker attack recently.


Audi A8 is one of the most well organized model. The corresponding port can block the commands from the radio networks that goes to the steering wheel and brakes. And finally, this is so hidden, that even the beginner will not gain actually the vehicle control. The danger increases only through the car which is connected directly to the internet. Moreover such autonomous vehicles are produced day by day and it is also very easy for hackers to catch your car in a minute.


Audi A8


To have all of these functions in a car is great, but it’s a little scary that they can all communicate with each other. So we don't want our readers to scare, but at least keep this in mind and hopefully our car manufacturers will also take this information into consideration in the future, to provide us safety products!


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